ATCA Beyond Telecom

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    AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) is an established, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) open-standard bladed computing architecture suitable for a mix of environments, ranging from semi-industrial to more data center-like.

    From its inception in 2001, ATCA was designed to serve as a fundamental basis for network-ready, carrier-grade common platforms. However, in recent years, the performance of the server-class components has become closer to that of commercial bladed servers than originally was the case. And so, increasingly the technology is being considered for applications beyond telecom.

    Applications that fall into the category of "carrier enterprise," often located in a network data center, are among the first telecom-adjacent services taking advantage of ATCA. Some companies in military, medical imaging, scientific experimentation and process control industries have also made the ATCA platform choice. And more companies and industries are following.


    Such interest has encouraged the ATCA industry to make further evolutionary strides to better meet the needs of applications outside the telecom central office. This eBook explains more about why and how.


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