Whitepaper: True Single Chip Intel E6xx Designs Set New Standards for BOM Cost, Power and Size

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    425i27F3087ADDE8C71CThe Intel Atom Processor E6xx is a new embedded Atom System on Chip (SoC), raising hopes that it can serve as a low cost single chip processor for cost sensitive applications such as deeply embedded IP media, networking, digital signage, and industrial control.  Many developers of these deeply embedded “thin” applications are eager to migrate to Intel Architecture (IA), but they need a true single chip IA processor that achieves system-level BOM costs on par with lower-end ARM CPUs.  

    While the E6xx holds the potential to serve as a true single chip Atom processor at a breakthrough BOM cost, several design details can limit or preclude true single chip operation if not addressed.  So even though the E6xx is an Atom SoC, conventional E6xx designs use the new SoC as a two-chip Atom CPU, reducing the large potential savings single chip E6xx architectures are capable of delivering.
    To enable true single chip products using the E6xx, ADI Engineering has developed a bold, innovative family of unique "Thin E6xx" offerings, including COTS single board computers and low-NRE semi-custom products that provide the absolute lowest production cost.  ADI's Thin E6xx offerings unlock the true single chip potential of the new E6xx to achieve up to 60\% reductions in production cost compared to other E6xx COM and SBC offerings.  And ADI's semi-custom Thin E6xx boards are up to 50\% smaller than even the cutting-edge COM Express Ultra form factor.
    For more information, please read our Thin E6xx Whitepaper below.

    Also please visit ADI Engineering's
    Thin E6xx information page for additional details and to register for our November 16 Thin E6xx Hardware Teardown Webinar.