40G ATCA Signal Integrity, Power Distribution and Thermal Management Design Solutions

Version 2

    ATCAPpt1.jpgADI Engineering is preparing to release innovative new Open IP ATCA and AMC/MicroTCA reference designs based on next-generation Intel® Xeon® processors.  These near production-ready reference platforms are used in these presentations to illustrate design strategies for challenging signal integrity, thermal, and power distribution issues inherent with 40G and above ATCA products.


    ADI's upcoming reference designs are near production-ready platforms that will be available for customer IP licensing, direct manufacturing or private-labeled OEM production under ADI's Open IP model, and ADI also can customize the hardware, firmware and software designs of the platforms to meet customer specific requirements.


    Visit ADI's ATCA information page to download the ATCA Summit 40G ATCA design solutions presentations