FeaturePak I/O Modules Combine Customization and Flexibility

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    For the first time, the new Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series opens up the chipset interface, using one of its four built-in PCI Express links to connect to the chipset. This open interface allows the processor to connect a wide range of chipsets. In addition to Intel’s general-purpose I/O hub (IOH), these include market-specific third-party IOH chips as well as custom FPGAs and ASICs.


    But that’s not all. The PCI Express expansion capability also opens up the possibility of a highly flexible, modular, plug-and-play expansion approach. Just as SO-DIMMs enable flexible, modular memory expansion, a new SO-DIMM-like I/O format known as FeaturePak* enables flexible, modular, I/O expansion—and can even be used instead of a chip-level IOH.


    Read the attached Embedded Innovator article written by Diamond Systems to learn more about this flexible I/O technology.


    Diamond Systems is a General member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance.


    Kenton Williston

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