PCI Express MiniCard Carrier for CompactPCI Serial

Version 1

    Author: Michael Plannerer, Product Manager MEN Mikro Elektronik


    The G212 can accommodate two PCI Express MiniCards or two Express Cards with internal PCIe or USB. The carrier has been developed for mobile HF applications such as GPS, WLAN, UMTS, GSM or HSDPA and leads two robust SMA antenna connectors for each plug-on module to the front. The SIM card slots are also directly assembled on the G212.


    The board is suited for an operating temperature of -40 to +85°C and has been developed for usage in harsh environments – i.e. without socketed components and prepared for coating. The use of two antenna connectors for each PCI Express MiniCard is a decisive feature for the reliable function in mobile applications. It ensures redundancy and as a result data safety.

    CompactPCI Serial uses new high-frequency connectors, six of which with a maximum of 184 pin pairs can be used on a single Eurocard. As the mostly-used signals like SATA/SAS, USB and PCIe x1 can be accommodated on one connector, CompactPCI Serial peripheral boards as a rule only need the P1 connector (six rows with four pin pairs each). The signal pins of the rugged connector are protected by a housing on all four sides.


    Image caption 1 (photo - please with modules!!): CompactPCI Serial peripheral board G212 with two PCIe MiniCard slots

    Image caption 2 (block diagram): USB hub and PCIe switch on the board allow connection of all commercially available MiniCards