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    As more embedded devices connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), security is a  growing concern.  Intel® vPro Technology plays a critical role in  protecting against malware and unauthorized accesses.  Here are links to  some community posts on the topic that I think are particularly useful:




    White Paper:  Securing the Internet of Things

    This technical paper examines the constraints and security challenges posed by IoT connected devices, and the Wind River approach to addressing them.


    Article:  Power up Security for the Smart Grid

    To secure the smart grid, operators must retrofit existing infrastructure while pursuing ground-up redesigns of devices and systems. Learn how the latest Wind River technology can help you meet both goals with minimal disruption. 


    Blog:  Make Smart Grids Smarter with Security at the Edge

    Learn about solutions that deliver the necessary layers of security to protect the smart grid as increased connectivity of legacy devices, new sensors, automated controls and smart consumer devices opens up new security risks. 


    White Paper:  POS Security That Pays Its Own Way

    Read how solutions from McAfee help developers of retail systems control the rising cost of POS system management and security. 


    Blog:  Using Whitelisting to Secure the Store in the Age of IoT

    With more and more retail devices handling customer information being connected through the IoT, protecting such devices from malware has never been more important.  Take a look at how whitelisting solutions help eliminate the need for anti-virus software and constant patching. 


    Blog: Industrial network security from the cloud to the connected edge

    Industrial networks often don’t have cyber protections commonly found in the IT world, and many of the devices that comprise these networks aren’t equipped to even run everyday AntiVirus software.  Learn how developers can effectively secure connected factory devices. 


    Blog:   Secured by embedded software, Internet of Things earns trust in medical field

    Learn from experts at McAfee and Wind River how Intel-enabled embedded software technologies can help make IoT-connected medical devices more secure and trustworthy for end users.


    Blog:   Enhancing Retail Security and Manageability with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

    Check out the security and manageability enhancements that 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors bring to retail transactional technology, focusing on their advantages in protecting personal and transactional data, reducing IT costs, and improving remote device uptime.


    Blog:  Securing Transport and Rail Networks

    Both law and logic dictate that networked transportation systems must be as secure as possible.  Read about the latest architectural solutions that help ensure passenger safety.


    Blog:  Security in the Ranks

    Security in military embedded platforms is critical from the hardware through the layers of software all the way to the end application. Explore how to manage your risk by addressing security threats through the entire system architecture


    Article: Modern Data Protection for Intelligent Systems

    Learn how you can implement data-at-rest protection protocols, a crucial tool for keeping connected systems safe.


    For additional resources, see the Intel Embedded Security home page.


    Have you read any related content that you would recommend to the  community?  What other aspects of Security would you like to see  covered?




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