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    The proliferation of Internet-connected embedded devices creates new opportunities for remote management—which can significantly reduce downtime, improve security, cut power consumption, trim staffing costs and decrease IT costs by reducing truck rolls. Below, I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful:



    White paper:  Building Trusted Embedded Systems

    Explore Intel® vPro™ capable solutions that provide OEMs with cost-effective enhanced security, reliability and remote management


    Blog:  Managing remote embedded devices

    Learn about available technologies and tool solutions that enable effective management of remotely deployed devices, regardless of the state of the device’s hard drive, operating system, and software applications.


    Blog:  Remote management requirements escalate in embedded applications

    The management challenge in the embedded space is arguably tougher than in the IT space.  Learn how initiatives such as Intel® Active Management Technology and Intel® Virtualization Technology and technology from members of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance can enable robust remote-management implementations.


    Blog:  Remote Management Round Table

    Get insights on remote management for embedded devices from a panel of industry experts.


    Article:  A Software Strategy for Intelligent Systems

    Learn about intelligent systems which transform 3 key network touchpoints: 1) edge devices (i.e., embedded systems); 2) back-end servers (or the cloud); and, 3) the way connections are made between system elements, allowing us to analyze huge volumes of data as fast as its created. 


    Blog:  Intel Intelligent Systems Framework Simplifies “Internet of Things”

    Read about the new Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework that brings together hardware, OSs, and tools for connectivity, security, manageability. The new approach promises to lower deployment costs, ease integration, and enable innovative services.


    Article:  Manage and Secure Remote Systems

    Learn how new remote management technologies can reduce costs and improve security in digital signage, POS terminals, kiosks, ATMs, and other networked devices.


    White Paper:  Unifying Device Management and Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

    Read about a proof of concept that demonstrates a unified approach for bringing advanced remote management features and enhanced security to healthcare computing platforms


    Tech Docs:  Intel® vPro™ Technology - Improving Manageability, Software Flexibility and Security

    Find a wealth of of  Intel® vPro™ documentation in the Intel® Embedded Design Center




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