Remote Monitoring Platform in Wind Power Generation

Version 1

    Project Introduction:
    Energy conservation, emission reduction and New energy is the major  tendency for future energy utilization. With the substantial from governments,  renewable energy development has been booming in the world, and wind power  development is especially rapid. Data shows that the global wind-power market  will increase by 25% in the following 20-25 years and the wind power installed  capacity will be up to 20-30million KW in the following 15 years. In  China, Wind power capacity is  expected to increase five fold over the next 10 years thanks to the government's  clean energy drive. Companion with the booming of the renewable energy,  especially the wind power, wind-power related equipments develop rapid,  following the increase of needs in management system and remote monitoring  system. To construct a reliable monitoring platform, the system integrator  decides to adopt NORCO’s PPC to be part of the monitoring system  for wind power generation.

    System  Mechanism:
    This platform works as a monitoring system to check and monitor the  functions and conditions of on-site equipments by collecting signal data and  send all the signals to sever. The Master Control System will check and test the  power grid parameters, wind regime, environmental temperature, generator  operating temperature and hydraulic system pressure to optimize the monitoring  system performance. At the same time, the system can also provide alarms if any  failures to secure the reliable operation of wind power unit , so as to maximize  the wind energy utilization and optimize FCEe. NORCO PPC-3211 is installed in  the control cabinet to monitor the operation status with the functions of  parameters/records inquiry and malfunction recording or other inquiry and  statistic functions.

    System Requirements:
    • Compact enclosure, easy operation
    • Waterproof and anti-shock,  able to operating in various harsh environments
    • High stability and low  failure rate
    • Rich I/O to secure the data transmission
    • Remote  monitoring and intelligent control

    System Advantage:
      NORCO  PPC-3112 is designed specially for customers from the wind power market. This  panel PC is based on Intel Pine view-M low-power EPIC motherboard EMB-4870,  low-power but high performance. PPC-3112 is of pleasant enclosure with “ICEFIN”  thermal design, noiseless and good cooling performance, supporting Type II CF  card;1*VGA to realize synchro-dual display; 2*Gigabit Ethernet ports; 2* USB2.0  and 1*PS/2, compatible with wide range temperature from -30? to +75?, suitable  to work under various harsh environments. The front panel utilizes 10.4" TFT LCD  touch screen, with protection grade of IP65. Besides, the modular design  realized the free combination of HMI and external  I/O.


    PPC Features:
         * 10.4" TFT LCD, maximum resolution up to 800×600
         * Fanless  design and front panel of IP65 protect grade     
         * Onboard ultra-low  power INTEL N270 processor
         * Onboard 1GB RAM, 4GB Storage with high  anti-shock function capability
         * 2*Gigabit Ethernet
         * 2*USB2.0,  1*PS/2, 8-way GPIO
         * DC 9V-36V Input
         * Four-wire resistive  touch panel supporting Finger/Stylus input
         * Operating temperature:  -30?-80?; Storage temperature: -40?-85?
    System  Evaluation:
    NORCO is devoted to the development and  manufacturing of Industrial PC for years. This Wind Power Generation Monitoring  Platform is dedicated for the wind power market. Industrial-grade reliability is  highly raised by customers. This solution passed rugged testing and has been  successfully applied in wind power  generation.