Intel and Norco’ Education Program.pdf

Version 1

    NORCO has elevated to associate level in Intel Embedded Alliance


    NORCO , the leading designer and manufacturer of industrial computer in china,  is a loyal partner of Intel and has accumulated a set of experience on Intel  products that can facilitate university to roll out its teaching experiments. To  improve the embedded system education in Universities in China and increase  teachers and students’ opportunities to access the new technology and high-tech  devices , Norco is cooperating with Intel to launch the education program ,  which is sure to have far-reaching strategic significances in a long term . With  the innovative experimental platform under this program, the implementation of  teaching experiments in Universities will be boosted to a new  level.


    Intel Education Program is a long-term strategic  program in China , with an aim to provide leading technology solutions and  technical support to the high institutes there, so as to cultivate the next  generation of innovators and R&D professionals in China.