NORCO Hardware Assembly provides the most affordable Premises Monitoring System Solution

Version 3

    Background Part 1:

    Shenzhen NORCO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (NORCO) is a national high-tech enterprise with its integration of research and development, design, production and sales. The Products of their self-owned brand-NORCO are widely used in computer-based applications.


    System integrator (SI) is a person or company that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, a practice known as System Integration. Systems integrators may work in many fields but the term is generally used in the information technology (IT) field, the defense industry, or in media.


    Background Part 2:

    China Intelligent Offices and Residential Quarters have been increasing in popularity, which have been realized as the automatic management of its elevators, water & sewage pumps, lighting and air conditioner. And intelligent network platform is used to construct a premise monitoring system and the modern intelligent quarter. The network video surveillance system is applicable for both the public environment monitoring and the private home surveillance with this system, security guard and monitor the building environment. SI analyzed its customers requirements and turn to NORCO for a proper premise monitoring system. Complete system includes electricity distribution system, air conditioner unit, lighting system, elevator and alarm system, etc.

    System Requirements:

    The system requires the utilization of network integrated camera, network video server, and high-speed dome camera to capture image information. The analog signal will be transferred to digital signal via video compression and will be transmitted to the network system of the building administration center. Combined with alarm interlock and video storage system, the monitor system will provide an all-round security monitoring for the premise. Besides, the real estate administrator is able to remote control and manages this system.


    System Mechanism:

    This system mainly consists of surveillance software, logic program software, industrial Ethernet switch together with other control modules and expansion module. The monitoring center includes audio video management server, data storage server, WEB server, monitoring terminal, administer computer, etc.



    The system requires being reliable, open, flexible, and cost effective. For a better design, all the controlling area and devices will be divided into different zone or blocks according to their functions and features. Based on the premise features and application functions, system integrator turns to NORCO for a cost effective and reliable master control platform for their premise monitoring system. Combined with their own control software, the premise monitoring system can be successfully integrated with fire alarm system and security automation system. NORCO RPC-610 and SHB-890 CPU card are chosen for this rugged system. NORCO RPC-610 is a 4U, 19’ rack-mountable industrial chassis compliant with EIARS-310C, rugged and reliable, able to co-work with CPU card or commercial PC motherboard, supporting 5*3.5" SATA;SHB-890 based on Intel 945GC + ICH7 chipset with 2* dual channel 240Pin DDR DIMM slots supporting DDR?533/667MHZ .4*USB2.0,1*IDE, 4*SATA?, 2*COM, 1*parallel port and 1* 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port. Watchdog, IrDA and anti-virus BIOS supported. The configuration is as follows:


    Chassis: RPC-610

    CUP Card: SHB-890(Intel 945GC+ICH7 chipset)

    Backplane: PBP-13L4

    Memory: DDR2-2G/800


    Features of Master Control System:

    *networked, digital, reliable and safe

    *Open software and hardware platform combination

    *System with flexible expansion

    * Remote control supported without man on shift

    * Automatic alarm function

    *Low cost to install and maintain


    System Evaluation:

    SI has chosen NORCO master control platform as the kernel part of this monitoring system. The combination of intelligent control system and application software controls the data stream and real-time image capture and recording, to realize 24 hours uninterrupted security monitoring to the building, providing a safe and comfortable working and living environment as well as reducing cost of real estate administration.