NORCO Fleet Management Solution Based on x86 Architecture

Version 1

    Do you enjoy your experience in waiting for a bus? How long would you normally wait for the bus you need? Maybe you have wondered if the bus station can have a tool to tell passengers the bus location and the time that they need to wait before the bus arrive? This is not the case in today’s public transportation, as technology innovations have remarkably improved the fleet management.


    With the rapid development of urban rail transportation, public transportation has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life; thereby people will have higher expectations for this part. Recently, more and more innovations have come out to solve the problem of inefficient public transportation management and the most remarkable improvement is in fleet management. Trucks, buses, taxis and other fleet vehicles are fitted with wireless satellite navigation systems indicating the position, status, and fuel consumption of every vehicle, leading to great benefits in fleet operation optimization. Passengers are served as well. Display monitors provide entertainment, as well as useful, real-time information such as departure and arrival times, weather bulletins, and emergency notices. The system can also monitor the speed and traffic violations. To achieve a highly efficient fleet management, System integrator would like to choose NORCO x86 Architecture based Fleet Management Solution.


    System Principle
    Fleet Management Solution actually is a combination of communication data and the voice communication among dispatchers, drivers and passengers. Buses are equipped with GPRS and the station LED panel will display the information to estimate bus arrivals, which enhances the whole fleet management performance.
    This system consists of X86 Architecture embedded hardware and GPS/GIS/GSM/GPRS communication software. Beside internal pre-installed modules, they also need a LCD power-out connector, GSM/GPRS antenna, WIFI antenna, SIM card slot, Compact Flash slot, audio, video, customized LED display I/O, and more.
    System Requirements
    1.Compact Size, Low-power-consumption
    2.Rich Interfaces, Excellent Compatibility
    3.Wide Temperature, Anti-vibration, Dust-proof
    4.High durability and long lifetime


    System Benefits
    NORCO BIS-6552 is a multi-network transmission system based on x86 Architecture with a compact size and NORCO patented ICEFIN closure. This platform is based on Atom N450/D410 with a power consumption of only 20W. It supports DDR2 667 up to 1G memory, 4 Mini-PCIE, 1 SSD, 1 VLAN/ WiFi module. 2x3G SIM card slots for connecting microphone, LED panel and other I/O devices. This system provides drivers the information of route navigation, speed and malfunction alerts, which highly enhanced the vehicle management efficiency, reduce the cost and also bring a more enjoyable experience to passengers.
    1. System Hardware:  X86 based system (build-in GPS module and GSM/GPRS module), antenna and LCD panel
    2.Navigation Software: GIS, GPS
    3.Communication Software: GSM/GPRS


    System Evaluation
    NORCO customized design and responsive service makes this fleet management solution come out as the ideal choice for system integrators. NORCO is well positioned to offer a compact sized embedded system with advantages like low power, fanless, rich I/O, full function, anti-vibration, wide range power-in. This customized solution includes a made to order wide range vehicle power, pre-installed WIFI card, antennas, GPS module, and wide range temperature support. Its unique fanless design is capable of preventing from any damage of heat and dust and has past wide range of simulated temperature test to provide well quality endurances. Moreover, the total solution can help customer to shorten their product lead time