The Future is Serial: CompactPCI Serial

Version 1

    Author: Eelco van der Wal, Chairman PICMG Europe


    After more than 2 years and more than 70 articles about the technology that extends CompactPCI, I would like to finish this series with this last article. Here, the major focus shall not be on the technology as such, but on the reasons why this technology will certainly establish itself not only for tomorrow but also for the next decade. There are good reasons for using CompactPCI Serial:

    1. It is the logical extension of the existing CompactPCI technology.
    2. Many suppliers have already included CompactPCI Serial into their product range.
    3. Thanks to the higher data throughput and the fast serial connections CompactPCI Serial offers additional application possibilities.


    1. Logical Extension

    CompactPCI has already proven itself in the field for the last 15 years. The 19" system technology with its typical design and interface assignment is to a large extent known in the industrial market. The design and structure of the boards, as well as front and rear I/O options have been accepted by users.


    2. Wide Support by the Suppliers

    In order to establish a new technology on the market, the potential users need choices - both when choosing a suitable supplier and through a large product range.

    The support of the standard by a large number of suppliers on the one hand results in a high degree of innovation and a wide product range.  On the other hand, price competition is created. This way, the user can choose between different products and the technical support of the respective suppliers. Thanks to this network it is possible to combine products of different manufacturers to build up a system or a special application.


    3. Extended Fields of Application

    By embedding serial buses into a system, new application possibilities open up, which could not be implemented any more using the traditional parallel CompactPCI architecture. CompactPCI Serial supports serial communication, a high data transfer rate and high-performance graphics and can even be operated in combination with parallel CompactPCI in hybrid systems. This means that existing systems and applications do not have to be replaced completely but can be extended by the new technology with high data throughput.


    The described arguments show that CompactPCI Serial both as a stand-alone architecture and as an extension of existing technologies offers the best prerequisites for an efficient implementation of your requirements. A whole network of suppliers with a wide variety of products supports you.

    Even though this is the last article in our CompactPCI Serial series, it will not be the last time you have heard of this technology.


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