Portwell Article: Modules Miniaturize Medical Care

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    By Colin McCracken, American Portwell Technology Inc.


    Medical computing is becoming more mobile due to an increasingly patient-centric view of health care. Whether in hospitals, clinics or at home, equipment must be small and light with network connectivity to provide complete and secure access to patients and their medical histories in real time. Optimized computer-on-module (COM) solutions, such as COM Express and Qseven, can be used with time-saving small form factor reference design carrier boards to deploy next-generation mobile medical devices such as patient monitors, medical cart computers and portable ultrasound devices.


    Today’s new instruments can even test blood or separate blood cells into components on the spot. Previous generation devices based upon SBCs with cables or motherboards with riser cards can now migrate to cleaner COM solutions to reduce size, weight, power and cost. The module-based architecture is easy to upgrade to the latest processors and chipsets in the future without disturbing the application I/O.


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