Kontron Whitepaper: Simplifying M2M

Version 3

    Machine-to-machine connected computing solutions are rolling out worldwide and across all industries...



    Many OEMs will want to launch M2M services, either for their own use or the use of their customers. Kontron, a Premier member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance, is working with the leaders in the M2M ecosystem to break down the complexity of the M2M value chain. Kontron’s purpose is to make it easier for OEMs to launch smart services that take advantage of cloud computing enabling them to better serve their customers with innovative solutions.  Kontron’s new Smart Services Developer Kit for M2M development and deployments was designed in collaboration with Intel, and is a plug and play hardware and OS/middleware software platform that is ready for smart services development.


    This paper is developed to help OEMs and smart services developers understand:

    » M2M Market Trends and Usage Models

    » M2M Impact on the Enterprise

    » Kontron M2M Solutions

    » M2M Challenges, Technologies and Future Developments





    Watch the latest video below, download the Whitepaper below or visit: www.kontron.com/M2M for more information.