Kontron Whitepaper: Advanced Thermal Management Solutions, Part 1

Version 2


    Advanced Thermal Management Solutions Cover Broad Mil-Aero Requirements


    Complex and Demanding Military Applications Elevate Thermal Issues for Designers




    Today’s military applications are more demanding than ever, with requirements to push the limits of bandwidth and performance while enduring intense environmental conditions. Survivability is critical, as sophisticated features are only as good as their ability to operate without fail. The rigors of battle in remote locations continue to present an evolving range of unique challenges to military system designers. Everything from severe temperatures, shock and vibration, to explosive decompression, immersion and exposure to sand and dust are variables that must be considered when building rugged, high performance systems for the armed forces. Innovative thermal management techniques have become essential to meeting these requirements for fault-free performance, and military designers are now making it a priority to solve cooling challenges early in the design phase.


    By integrating cooling capabilities into the SWaP protocol, packaging engineers have created SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cooling) as a focus for next-generation solutions. Using COTS solutions as the foundation for semi- and full-custom thermal management, designers are increasing the capabilities of subsystems and enabling new designs that meet or exceed current mil/aero thermal requirements. Thermal options will vary accordingly depending on application, expertise, cost and development time. As a result, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of how designs generate heat and how design choices reliably dissipate that heat. Knowledge of the primary thermal management methods illustrated in this paper will help designers determine the most appropriate path for their specific design.



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