Application: x86-based Video Transcoding (MIC-5603)

Version 2

    As demand for mobile video capacity continues to explode, Advantech platforms, based on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor technology, provide transcoding performance and flexibility for system integrators helping mobile operators to offer differentiated video services.

    Situation. Look around any sports stadium today and you will see thousands of fans cheering for their favorite team on the playing field and a large number of those fans also watching live broadcasts of other games (or matches!) on their smartphones. Just a few years ago, those fans would have been listening to distant games on their radios. Today, they enjoy a high-definition video experience complete with instant replays.
    To say that the mobile video market is simply ‘rapidly growing’ is a huge understatement. It is exploding! The simple sports scenario above is one of many uses, both for work and for fun, which is driving the mobile market down a video-centric path. Cisco’s latest Visual Network Index Report shows that over half of today’s network data traffic is video and that by 2015, video traffic will be 26 times larger. The estimated number of bytes-per-month is almost impossible to visualize.