New PCOM-B218VG Type VI Compact Size COM Express Module

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    PORTWELL expands its com express portfolio

    to include a Module with the Latest Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Platform


    New PCOM-B218VG Type VI Compact Size COM Express Module

    Speeds up time-to-market for OEMs and ODMs




    Taiwan, TAIPEI December 28[k1] , 2011Portwell, Inc., (, a world-leading innovator in the embedded computing market and a member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance , announces PCOM-B218VG, the very latest in a portfolio of Type VI Compact Size COM Express Basic module. At a mere 95mm x 95mm (3.74˝ x 3.74˝), the compact PCOM-B218VG includes the Intel® Atom™ processor N2000 and D2000 series and the Intel® NM10 Express chipset. This platform includes an integrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 3600/3650 graphic engine to enhance 3D performance for media applications such as high definition 1080p imaging; two Display Ports that support multiple DP/HDMI/DVI functions; one SO-DIMM socket to support DDR3 SDRAM up to 4GB; two SATA, one Fast Ethernet; expansion (via the Com Express carrier board) of four PCI-E x1 which can be configured to one PCI-Express x4, LPC interface and high definition audio interface; and a PCOM-C211 Developer COM Express Type VI carrier board.


    Stacked with features like these, Portwell’s PCOM-B218VG is an ideal solution for applications such as medical devices, test equipment, industrial controls, gaming machines, portable devices and COTS military.


    Speeds time to market

    In each of these market segments, COM Express safeguards development investments and lowers total cost of ownership by enabling designers to partition commodity host-processor COM Express modules from proprietary, value-added platform building blocks, including FPGAs and specialty I/Os on custom baseboards. COM Express modules can help minimize current and future design risks because they help save development time and costs during initial phase of development, while achieving faster time-to-market, simplifying the future upgrade path and scalability, and increasing the application lifecycle.



    Separating the CPU and the subsystem

    “The advantage of Portwell’s COM Express form factor is how it separates out the CPU—the portion of the system that changes most with the market—onto an upgradeable module and the system-specific I/O onto the carrier board,” says Thomas Lien, Portwell’s project marketing manager. “Feedback from our customers confirms that this modular architecture actually speeds up their time-to-market for custom-made applications because it provides them with the flexibility for functional expansion.”


    Frederic Wang, Portwell’s manager concurs. “Our PCOM-B218VG is the latest Type VI COM Express module with a host of features from the Intel® Atom™ processor N2000 and D2000 series and Intel® NM10 Express chipset,” Wang explains. “Plus DDR3 system memory, VGA, Display Ports, Fast Ethernet, and USB, and of course, long life cycle support to give our customers peace of mind,” Wang adds. “The new PCOM-B218VG Type VI COM Express module joins our Q7, Nano-ITX, ECX, and Mini-ITX form factors as part of the expansive range of options in Portwell’s family of embedded computers.”


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