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    The retail industry knows that technology can increase sales and operational efficiency, but many retailers have limited budgets to invest in intelligent retail systems. The challenge for OEMs is finding ways to deliver point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks, and digital signage that deliver advanced features while keeping costs down. Below, I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful.  Digital Signage Top Picks have moved to a dedicated page.




    Article: Vending Machine IoT Makeovers

    Operators of large vending machine fleets need ways to update these machines to profit from Internet of Things advantages. Explore a retrofit solution engineered by Bsquare and AAEON that uses a IoT software stack and UP board to deliver new operational efficiencies and insights.


    Article: Digitizing Footfall to Increase Physical Store Competitiveness

    Customer contact has long been a physical store advantage, but today’s online retailers skillfully employ data to beat physical stores at their own game. Find out how an Internet of Things platform incorporates beacons, cameras, and cloud analytics to give physical stores back the upper hand.


    Blog: Empowering Retail Associates with Tablets

    Discover how tablets based on Intel® processors, integrated with the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform, can help increase store efficiencies, enhance sales associate productivity, and provide more personalized customer service.


    Blog:  Using Beacons with the Intel® Retail Sensor Platform

    Learn about the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, a complete platform for helping developers, solution providers, and system integrators quickly deploy retail solutions informed by analytics. This flexible, secure foundation enables better inventory tracking, faster time to insight from retail data, and new ways to increase customer satisfaction.


    White paper:  Drive Smarter Retail Operations with Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence (BI) is increasingly adopted by more savvy retailers in the highly-competitive environment.  Learn how retail analytics help retailers comprehensively collect and accurately analyze buying patterns and store operation data, turning raw data into actionable business insights.


    Blog: Ringing Up POS System Sales with Intel® vPro™ Technology

    The market for point-of-sale (POS) machines is extremely competitive, but POS designers can get an edge by appealing to two top retailer concerns: security and maintenance costs.  Learn how to solve these problems with Intel® vPro™ Technology. 


    Blog: Next-Level Retail with 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

    5th generation Intel® Core™ processors improve security, manageability, and performance. Learn how they take retail computing to the next level.


    Blog: Mobile Point-of-Sale Transforms the Store

    Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) completely changes the retail experience with on-the-spot transactions, easy upselling, and a personal touch. Explore the ways you can transform your store.


    White paper:  Internet of Things Solution Improves Vending Machine Profitability

    Check out a vending machine management and data analytics solutions that connects a fleet of machines to the cloud-based tools that can help generate more revenue and reduce maintenance effort..


    Click here to browse retail computing solutions (including hardware and software elements of a retail system) based on Intel® architecture from Intel’s trusted embedded ecosystem, the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.





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