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    Developers of next generation industrial automation systems face challenges of integrating legacy control systems with new high speed sensors, consolidating graphical Human Machine Interfaces with control applications on the same platform, and meet increasing security and manageability demands.  Here are links to some community posts on the topic that I think are particularly useful:





    White paper: Evolving Manufacturing Connectivity - Challenges to Brownfield Development

    Learn how a smart factory solution accelerates brownfield deployment, breaking down obstacles to achievement of the Industry 4.0 standard and empowering optimization of production, efficiency, and profit, by leveraging the benefits of IIoT-based intelligent manufacturing.


    White paper: Rugged Embedded Design, Ready for Extremes

    Many industries require rugged electronics. Military, industrial, medical, oil and gas, science, transportation, and others need hardware that stands up to punishing situations.  Lean about designing rugged technology from the innermost components to the protective shell.


    Blog: Keep an Eye on Production with This Smart Factory Solution

    Check out an end-to-end smart factory system that combines machine sensors and controllers, smart cameras, IoT connectivity, and cloud-based business intelligence, enabling it not only can monitor a production line in real time but also predict order fulfillment and maintenance needs.


    White paper: Four Ways Predictive Maintenance Streamlines Manufacturing

    One of the first ways that smart factories are benefiting from the IoT is through predictive maintenance solutions that collect equipment data and analyze it with sophisticated algorithms to forecast how monitored equipment and the production line as a whole will behave. Learn about the implementation challenges and how to overcome them. 


    Article: Toughest Tablet on the Drilling Platform or Factory Floor

    The Internet of Things spread into remote places is driving a need for reliable mobile computing in extreme environments. Discover a rugged tablet line that thrives in severe temperatures, bright sun, rain, saltwater spray, dust, and even the clumsy handling of gloved fingers.


    Article: Keep Factories Humming with Predictive Maintenance

    The data with the greatest potential for improving industrial asset management often remains untapped on the factory floor. See how a distributed analytics solution transforms asset management from an imprecise science to an exact one.


    Video: Enabling the Smart Factory with ADLINK PMQi Predictive Maintenance

    Rob Risany, Worldwide Innovation Executive with IBM, talks about predictive maintenance and how IBM, Intel and ADLINK are enabling the smart factory in the emerging era of IoT.


    Article: New Eyes for Precision Machining

    Achieving Industry 4.0 requires the connection of cyber-physical systems with the IoT. Find out how a PC-based IoT controller can also run on-machine vision solutions and perform as an IoT gateway to help streamline manufacturing and business processes.


    White paper:  6th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors Offer Increased Performance for Industrial IoT Applications

    Take a closer look at Intel’s new processor family and its value across the range of connected embedded markets, demonstrating advantages in visual performance, power efficiency, and flexible design ranging from small form factor mobile platforms to high performance workstations.


    Article: Increase Smart Factory IQ with M2M to Cloud

    EtherCAT multi-core processor-based master controllers provide high-performance, high-density I/O for connecting subsystems to the cloud. Learn how these controllers can help you accelerate Smart Factory innovation.


    Article: Bring Factories Online with IoT Controllers

    Factories are full of legacy devices that run on closed-loop intranets. Find out how you can connect this equipment to corporate intranets without an expensive factory overhaul.


    White paper:  EtherCAT Solution Supercharges IoT-based Smart Factories

    In addition to conventional PLC-based machine automation with low networking capabilities, new generation-based automation has made possible the development of Smart Factories.  Learn about the latest advances that result in higher throughput, lower defect rate, and enhanced competitiveness, all based on intelligent automation.



    Click here to browse for industrial automation computing solutions (including hardware and software elements of a medical system) based on Intel® architecture from Intel’s trusted embedded ecosystem, the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.





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