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    Next generation medical equipment plays a key role in increasing the quality of healthcare as well as containing the spiraling costs.  Developers are challenged to combine high performance, power efficiency, security and connectivity in a highly competitive market.  Here are links to some community posts on the topic that I think are particularly useful:




    Article:  Integrating Imaging and EHR Data in the Surgical Suite

    With electronic health records (EHR) on one system and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) on another, surgeons face a knowledge gap at a critical point of care. See how an all-in-one surgical workstation resolves this serious disconnect to help improve patient outcomes.  


    Article:  Turning Healthcare Into Value

    Everyone wants to reduce healthcare costs and improve care. Tapping Big Data helps accomplish both.  Discover how an IoT health analytics platform monitors patient populations and helps improve wellness by motivating better personal health practices. 


    Blog:  Putting Electronic Health Records on Wheels

    Medical carts with advanced computers help caregivers span the last 100 feet so they can access the data they need to provide the best care. Learn how an all-in-one system designed for hospital duty helps cart manufacturers bring the latest in secure mobile computing to their designs.


    White paper:  Integrating FIPS-140-2 Compliant Wi-Fi into Medical Devices

    Electronic systems in healthcare, increasingly including Wi-Fi, require the protection of data through mechanisms compliant with the FIPS 140-2 standard.  Discover certified Wi-Fi modules that address this requirement.


    White paper:  Accelerating Precision Medicine with High Performance Computing

    Read about Dedicated Computing’s high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, based on advanced Intel® architectures, represent the best technology practices empowering today’s innovators in precision medicine.


    Blog:  Speeding an Advanced Medical Image Generator to Market

    Sharp high-resolution images help improve patient diagnosis and outcomes—but imaging system manufacturers often face supplier configuration changes that result in costly revalidation. Explore a forward-looking platform designed to avoid surprise component changes.


    Blog:  An SBC for Speeding Up DNA Sequencing

    While the possible uses of DNA sequencing appear endless, anyone looking to perform DNA sequencing needs to be prepared for massive amounts of data. Check out a system that that can provide massive computing throughput, speed, scalability, and resolution.


    Article:  Wireless Multi-Service Controllers Secure Hospital Wards

    Fast, secure access to patient data is essential to improving patient outcomes and protecting patient privacy. Discover how you can use wireless multi-service gateways to deliver both connectivity and advanced security to hospital wards. 


    Blog:  Improving Access to Medical Data at the Point of Care

    The integration of sensors with the cloud puts real-time data in the hands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Read how the IoT is becoming a game changer in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, improving both patient outcomes and provider efficiencies. 


    Article:  Connected Care in Emerging Economies

    In emerging economies, access to healthcare is limited and expensive. Read about a proof-of-concept that shows how connected care can maximize caregiver effectiveness and lead to better outcomes.


    White paper:  The Internet of Things (IoT) is Accelerating Connected Health

    A network of linked devices, collecting, sending, and receiving data about people, environments and processes without human interaction or input will enable a new model of “connected health,” not only for the chronically ill but for the entire population.


    Blog:  Breakthrough Performance for Medical Imaging

    Discover how you can boost imaging performance by up to 72% with the The Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family -- and how you can put this performance to work with solutions that range from motherboards to supercomputer systems.



    Have you read any related content that you would recommend to the community?  What other aspects of Medical Applications would you like to see covered? 


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