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    Traffic is exploding and becoming more complex as video and web traffic increasingly dominate the network. Meanwhile, cloud connectivity of everything from enterprises source to consumer devices is creating a tempting target for hackers, increasing the demands on security.  Intel® architecture processors are becoming increasingly popular in network infrastructure equipment for their high performance, flexibility, advanced feature set, and energy efficiency.  I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful:





    White paper:  Radisys and Intel Deliver Agile and Flexible Rack-Scale NFV Infrastructure for Communications Service Providers

    Explore the challenges in deploying SDN-enabled NFV, how the Radisys DCEngine™ hardware and software architecture overcomes these challenges, and benefits of Intel® architecture in this comprehensive solution offering.


    Blog: A Probe-based Service Assurance Solution for Accelerating NFV Migration

    Network function virtualization (NFV) is radically changing the communications deployment model. The missing components in this transition to NFV are probe solutions that can address hybrid environments encompassing both virtual and physical networks.  Learn about probes that deliver true end-to-end network visibility.


    Blog: Boosting Communications Performance with Embedded SSDs

    Learn how embedded SSDs- tiny, inexpensive chips with amazing capacity- can increase performance of comms equipment. Soldered directly onto a board, they save space and increase ruggedness. Mounted on a disk on module (DOM) or an M.2 card, embedded SSDs give equipment manufacturers flexibility, and scalability in system configuration.


    Article:   Delivering Elasticity to the Mobile Edge

    Skyrocketing data growth and limited locations for new cell sites pose tough challenges for carriers. See how to solve these challenges with a new system for mobile edge computing that facilitates deployment of core virtualized network functions (VNFs) anywhere in the network.


    Blog:  Empowering vCPE Services with Layer 7 Visibility

    Virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) provides an opportunity for service providers to offer new value-added services such as next gen firewalls, application-specific QoS, or service chaining. Learn how to enable these opportunities, vCPE solutions need to offer visibility into application-level network activity – that is, Layer 7 visibility.


    White paper:  Flexible, Modular, Open Architecture for Industrial Cloud Computing

    With the recent technical advancements of the mobile Internet, data centers and big data processing, cloud computing has become the mainstream service delivery model of the future, transforming the traditional Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) market. Explore the challenges facing ICT service providers in constructing the next generation of business applications.


    White paper:  Layer 7 Visibility for Virtual CPE

    Written by Heavy Reading, on behalf of Intel and Qosmos, this white paper explores how telecom operators can use L4-7 traffic analysis to offer enterprises new and value-added vCPE services such as L7 firewalls and service chaining.


    White paper:  Mobile Edge Computing - The Edge is the Future

    Read a brief overview of the challenges facing today’s mobile networks and some of the current thinking about how those networks may evolve to 5G. We then consider how mobile edge computing will play a critical role both in making 5G a reality and improve the mobile customer experience for millions of subscribers around the globe.


    White paper:  A Guide to OCP for Clever Carrriers

    The extensive use of virtualized environments by data centers and cloud providers has communications service providers (CSPs) looking into virtualization and cloud technologies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve service agility.  Explore how Open Compute technologies and open “white box” hardware offer great promise for CSPs while considering the challenges in making these technologies viable for the communications services industry.


    White paper:  Manage Media Processing Challenges in the Cloud Era

    Learn about mainstream video service applications, development trends and how service providers are overcoming implementation challenges.


    White paper:  Using Service Classification to Build an Application-Aware NFV Infrastructure for vCPE Services

    One way for service providers to increase profits and compete more effectively is through support of virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) as a new service delivery architecture. Learn how network equipment, platform, middleware, and software suppliers can use service classification to build an application-aware NFV Infrastructure for vCPE Services.


    White paper:  NFV Elasticity for Telecom Cloud Infrastructure

    Explore the benefits of deploying a telecom cloud infrastructure to both carriers and their customers and the changes in modular platform development required to meet the demands of virtualized environments.



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