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    The green energy revolution is here with interest in sustainable, efficient power greater than ever.  Embedded computing opportunities abound in controllers for smart grids and energy generation from solar and wind, and energy management in commercial and home buildings.  Developers of these applications need an embedded platform with excellent connectivity, reliability, and security.  Below, I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful:




    Note:  Smart Building / Smart City topics have moved to their own page here.  


    Blog:  Monitoring and Securing the Smart Grid

    Phasor measurement unit (PMUs) play a critical role in the smart grid, helping utilities dynamically assess and manage the performance of independently operated grid systems. Discover a smart, connected PMU that builds on the interoperability, connectivity, security, scalability, and manageability features of the Intel IoT Platform.


    Application Note:  Smart People use ioTium to Implement Smart Lighting

    Check out a secure, cloud managed, easy-to-deploy software defined network infrastructure solution that significantly simplifies Smart Lighting deployments while significantly improving the ROI and minimizing time-to-market.


    Blog:  A Smart Platform for Self-Learning Energy Analytics

    Read about a solution that complements smart meters by using intelligent self-learning algorithms to identify energy waste and cost-optimization opportunities.


    White Paper:  Shaping the Future of Energy

    Read about business transformation for the energy industry, spotlighting Group NIRE’s implementation of IoT solutions from Intel and Wind River to master today’s challenges, create new business opportunities and tap efficiency gains that translate to billions in savings annually.


    Blog:  Make Smart Grids Smarter with Security at the Edge

    Learn about solutions that deliver the necessary layers of security to protect the smart grid as increased connectivity of legacy devices, new sensors, automated controls and smart consumer devices opens up new security risks.


    Article:  A Smart Processor for the Smart Grid

    Learn how solutions using the latest Intel® Atom™ processors help deliver excellent reliability, security, performance, and efficiency in smart meters and substations in the smart grid.


    Blog:  Solving the “Big Data” Problem in Solar and Other Smart Energy Applications

    Managing solar systems requires the collection, aggregation, and analysis of tremendous amounts of data. Explore how Intel® architecture is ideally suited for meeting the requirements of such Big Data applications.


    Article:  Power up Security for the Smart Grid

    To secure the smart grid, operators must retrofit existing infrastructure while pursuing ground-up redesigns of devices and systems. Learn how the latest Wind River technology can help you meet both goals with minimal disruption.



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