congatec White Paper:  What's New in COM Express 2.0

Version 2

    Since its beginning in 2005, the COM Express Specification success story continues to build. Its main target was, and still is, to define the mandatory requirements of COM Express modules and carrier boards as far as it is necessary to ensure interoperability between the products of different vendors. Nevertheless, with continuous technical progress, there is also the need for adjustments of the common interface – that being the COM Express connector.

    More than 5 years after the initial release of the COM Express Specification, the Revision 2.0 prepares the COM Express standard for the future.


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    Evaluation Carrier Board for COM Express® Type 6 modules.

    To achieve a quick start with COM Express® congatec offers an evaluation carrier board, which routes all the COM Express® signals to standard interface connectors. Supports COM Express® Compact and Basic modules using connector Pinout Type 6.   Download the spec sheet here...