congatec COM Express Type 6 Reference Design

Version 3


    conga-TEVAL: Evaluation Carrier Board for COM Express® Type 6 modules.

    To achieve a quick start with COM Express® congatec offers an evaluation carrier board, which routes all the COM Express® signals to standard interface connectors. Supports COM Express® Compact and Basic modules using connector Pinout Type 6.


    6x PCI Express x1
    1x Express Card
    1x PCI Express Graphics (PEG) x16
    1x Mini PCI Express
    Gigabit Ethernet
    2x USB 2.0
    4x USB 3.0
    1x USB client
    High Definition Audio Codec
    2x HDMI
    2x Display Port
    4x SATA
    1x DDI / SDVO Slot
    2x COM
    1x LPT
    1x GPIO/SDIO
    System speaker
    Power button
    Reset button
    CMOS Battery
    LPC POST code display
    CRT connector
    LVDS interface
    ATX connector
    12V/GND banana jacks

    Technical Documents

    DATASHEET                 “datasheet conga-TEVAL.jpg”


                    “Schematics CET6m10.pdf”

    WHITE PAPERS                        “congatec COM Express Type 6 whitepaper”