NORCO Application note: Intel Cedar Trail Based Solutions for Digital Signages in Retail Market

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    Nowadays, digital signage is no longer an unknown concept. Digital signage is appearing in more and more fields and is generating positive revenues. Especially in catering industry, interactive digital signage helps deliver the most updated product and service information with large screens, big pictures and audio/video contents, which attracts more consumers into the store and generate an attractive return on investment. To this point, Macdonald’s is the pioneer in the fast-food chain to introduce interactive digital signage into its daily business operation. Macdonald’s has already setup over 120 chain stores and has been known as a global Macdonald’s Fastfood Kingdom. Macdonald’s success lies much in its tasty food and excellent fast-food service, but this success can not go far without a far-sighted product and brand marketing strategy. The introduction of interactive digital signage must be one of their far-sighted marketing stratey to generate immense income and global brand influence. A system integrator from Australia is looking for an integrated digital signage system for a local Macdonald’s chain store and find NORCO for a low power digital signage maincontrol platform.


    BIS-6630 Application Diagram.jpg


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