Wind River and Intel Present: 8 Step Approach to Address the Multi-faceted Security Threats Targeting Medical Devices

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    Medical devices, including diagnostic tablet computers, heart-rate monitors, and MRI scanners, are just as susceptible to malware as standard laptop computers. The stakes of keeping healthcare devices secure are particularly high.


    As the complexity of securing devices increases, so does the risk of vulnerabilities slipping past equipment manufacturers and hospital IT organizations. However, this complexity is reduced significantly when medical devices are designed for security using platforms similar to typical networked clients, such as laptops and workstations.


    There isn’t a single security solution capable of addressing all existing and future risks; instead, it’s necessary to implement a series of different defenses across the system. Join Intel’s Mike Taborn and Wind River’s Ken Herold as they demonstrate how to address these risks and design security for the medical market.


    In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:


    • Assess current and future risks and implement a series of defenses across the system to address and protect against known and unknown risks
    • Simplify medical device security management by incorporating standards-based platforms while offering state-of-the-art protection
    • Deploy safeguards throughout the platform to provide a robust protection against the vast majority of attacks

    Michael Taborn

    Lead Platform Architect
    Intelligent Systems Group

    Ken Herold

    Lead Medical Marketing and Engineering Specialist
    Wind River Systems


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