Managing Quality of Experience with RAN-Aware Policy Enforcement

Version 1

    As mobile traffic continues to grow exponentially, mobile operators require better solutions for reducing cost per bit and increasing revenue per subscriber. A key hurdle is service disruption caused by congested cells, a major source of subscriber frustration and churn. Network capacity upgrades alone are not sufficient to solve the problem—especially in the Radio Access Network (RAN), where the bandwidth is very expensive and therefore limited. Network operators face a huge challenge, as bandwidth-intensive applications, such as gaming, photo sharing, social media and mobile TV, continue to gain popularity.


    Policy management is viewed by network operators as one of the effective and viable means to manage network traffic and promote revenue growth. This capability is well-established and deployed in the fixed-line networks, which historically had the greatest data bandwidth demand. However, with advent of smartphones, tablets and other wireless connected devices, mobile networks are increasingly facing a similar challenge.