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    Modern Digital Security and Surveillance Systems (DSS) are much more complex than their analog predecessors.  This new equipment must encode, decode and store multiple HD video streams, output to multiple independent displays, and analyze the video image in realtime.  Intel technology addresses each of these challenges.  Here are links to some community posts on the topic that I think are particularly useful:


    Blog: Empowering a New Generation of DSS with New Intel® Atom™ Processors

    Read how the latest Intel® Atom™ processor E3900 series, and the latest Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors enable designers to deploy flexible, small-footprint video analytics solutions capable of everything from object detection and tracking to facial recognition and machine vision. 


    White paper: Live mobile video & IoT sensor monitoring for First Responders

    Read about how wireless, mobile video solutions are transforming the way governments and public safety agencies are protecting their communities.  New advances in video enabled devices and 4G networks make video a powerful tool that departments can use to extend their vision and increase the speed and precision of decision making.


    Blog:  Smart Vision Secures Cities and Services

    Rapid advances in video analytics, the falling cost of high-resolution cameras, and the ubiquity of communications infrastructure are all contributing to dramatic changes in vision system capabilities. Check out some of the latest solutions for video analytics and storage.


    Blog:  Pumping Up NVR Performance for Full HD and UHD

    Take a look at a ready-to-go NVR system and a COM Express board that provide flexible, high-performance solutions for NVR design without the added cost of a discrete graphics adapter through their use of the latest Intel® processors with integrated Intel® HD Graphics.


    Article:  Turn Surveillance Video into Actionable Intelligence

    Ultra-high-definition (UHD) resolutions improve video analytics’ accuracy, but strain bandwidth, video decoding, and storage. Discover a NVR that uses integrated processor graphics and H.265 to help you improve transcoding and compression.


    Blog:  Video Surveillance Gets a Boost from the IoT

    Learn how the power and availability of the network combined with the abundance of inexpensive digital cameras and dependable analytics software is bringing digital security surveillance (DSS) systems into the Internet of Things (IoT) space.


    White paper:  Getting the Most Out of your Next-Generation Digital Security Surveillance System

    Learn how an intelligent embedded system utilizing Intel® Core™ processor technology fully optimizes reliability and flexibility while reducing TCO for video-intensive DSS applications.


    Blog:  Smart Cities Require Smart Video Storage Solutions

    Check out an interesting very large scale Digital Security Surveillance solution linking eight inter-cities containing more than three million people and covering 200+ square miles around a major U.S. metropolitan area.


    Blog:  Small Boxes Make Big Gateway and Surveillance Solutions

    Many businesses are enhancing security operations by integrating physical security gateway control solutions with digital security surveillance (DSS) systems within the same box.  Check out one of the latest solutions in this new arena.


    Technology Guide:  Building Digital Security and Surveillance Systems Based on Intel Technology

    Gain a comprehensive overview of DSS solutions, usage models in various markets, and technology drivers; and learn why Intel technology is an ideal match for complex DSS workloads.



    Have you read any related content that you would recommend to the community?  What other aspects of DSS Applications would you like to see covered? 


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