Cinterion Case Study eCall

Version 1

    Driving can be hazardous, something millions of people around the world have the misfortune of experiencing every year. Thankfully, many countries and regions have realized the importance of establishing Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) or centralized call centers that immediately dispatch help from the nearest police, fire, ambulance or emergency road services when needed. With a PSAP infrastructure in place, a person in need of help can dial the European emergency phone number “112” to reach a trained operator who can assess the situation and dispatch the nearest appropriate services. But, what happens in the case of road emergencies when a distressed driver is physically limited? Or worse, unconscious and unable to operate his or her cell phone? It’s a dilemma industry coalitions such as ERTICO, Europe's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) organization, ITS Russia and many other government and ITS industry leaders around the globe are working hard to address.