Application Case: NORCO Network Security Solution Secure E-banking Security.pdf

Version 1

    The Cost-effective, Safe, Reliable Solution Developed by NORCO and Intel

    NORCO is working with Intel to develop the right solution that you seek. NORCO FW-1109, the new arrival to current security market, features multiple Ethernet ports with high networking bandwidth throughput, powerful core logic computing capability through the processor, and a friendly management interface, perfect solution to the network security platforms used in a such fiels as banking, operators, government, police, education, enery, tax administration, industry and commerce agency, social security, hygiene, business, etc.

    This newly released network security barebone with 6x LAN adopts Intel Sugar Bay H61 chipset, go with Intel 3rd/2nd Generation Core LGA1155 i7/i5/i3, Intel Pentium/Celeron CPU, with powerful computing and networking capability. Intel 2nd/3rdGeneration Core Processor Family integrates inbuilt visualization function, offering a brandnew technology innovation and experience to customers. System also supports 2x dual channel 1066/1333MHz DIMM, up to 16GB, non-ECC.


    With 6x Gigabit Ethernet, two Sets of 3rd Gen BYPASS

    Another great feature essential to network security appliances is the LAN bypass feature. Its excellent network capability is provided by its two sets of bypass and Intel 82583V(Intel 82574L) LAN chip. System supports 6x 10/100/1000Mbps LAN ports with LAN3-6 supporting the 3rd Generation BYPASS, which supports Auto Switch , Manual Software Switch, custom switch critical point, securing data transmission rate, enabling intelligent and convenient operation.In the unlikely event that this device should fail, or perhaps during a power failure, the LAN bypass feature allows data to flow through passively instead of terminating at the device.


    High Reliability and Stability