Building Digital Security & Surveillance Systems Based on Intel Technology

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    dss2.JPGThere’s never been a more urgent need for comprehensive security and surveillance solutions to augment our human resources.  Because we can’t be everywhere and see everything that’s going on around us, we need tools to help.  Indeed the demand for DSS solutions is growing at a healthy rate, fueled in large part by global security concerns and government spending.


    Today, in addition to traditional building surveillance in the public and private sectors, DSS solutions are being applied in many ways, including mobile surveillance in and around vehicles and transportation systems of all types, intelligent traffic control, and business intelligence in markets like retail.


    Whereas previous generations of analog surveillance systems fed video into a bank of screens, digital technology has transformed this concept into something much more robust, with the latest systems providing multi-channel streaming, real-time software analytics, event-triggered alerting, and much more.   DSS applications place massive demands on the CPU and GPU as well as the network and storage components.


    Intel has recently published a comprehensive end-to-end guide for delivering DSS solutions based on Intel technology   If DSS solutions are part of your roadmap, use this guide to navigate your way to success.




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