The Digital Signage Revolution: Key Advancements That Are Accelerating Deployment (Webinar)

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    The digital signage revolution is happening all around us. With more consumers seeing video on digital signs than on Internet sites, retailers and advertisers increasingly are turning to digital signage to explore new ways to attract and engage consumers. Estimates suggest that the digital signage revolution will continue to expand at an astronomical pace to more than 22 million screens and 10 million players by the year 2015.


    However, suppliers and integrators of this technology have faced tremendous challenges evaluating digital signage solutions as it involves a costly, time-consuming process of collecting and integrating software and licenses before even beginning the task of content creation. But new advances are making it faster and easier to evaluate and deploy digital signage for a range of market segments including retail, healthcare and transportation.


    This webinar will discuss how these digital signage advancements are fueling the future of the industry and helping facilitate real-time, immersive interactions with engaged customers:


    •    Learn how the digital signage revolution is impacting

         today’s media and information consumption


    •    Discover the newest advancements and innovations

         that are accelerating ease of integration in digital

         signage technology


    •    Explore how digital signage advancements are

         fueling the future of your industry

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