Delivering 160 Gbps DPI Performance on the Intel® Xeon® Processor Using Sensory Networks HyperScan™

Version 2

    The requirement for advanced security equipment to scan data streams for malicious content at line rate presents significant challenges to network security vendors.  Security equipment, overwhelmed by the data rates of present-day networks, is more likely to miss attacks, leading to increased risks of security breaches.  High-speed content scanning technology known as deep packet inspection (DPI) has traditionally required purpose-built hardware to operate at high speeds, a solution that often leads to increases in development and manufacturing costs.


    Today a software-based approach is available.  Taking advantage of multi-core Intel® architecture, it can provide a cost-effective and scalable solution that also has the flexibility to evolve with the changing needs of the system.  Learn about the Sensory Networks HyperScan™ software pattern matching library that can scale from under 1Gbps to 160Gbps, depending on the number of cores used, in the Solution Brief here: 






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