Developing a Wireless Communications Cloud with Intel® Architecture

Version 2

    Telecommunications has unique technical challenges when it comes to cloud implementation, including real-time requirements, packet latency and high availability.  These requirements can be satisfied by currently available Intel® Xeon® processors, as demonstrated by a proof of concept developed by Intel and Tieto*.  The platform enables a "communications cloud" designed to more efficiently use network resources and speed up functional and service deployments compared to today's cloud platforms.


    The foundation for this communications cloud is a single computing architecture capable of supporting all the software workloads in a core network.  Put another way, it's possible to have an entire evolved packet core (MME, S-GW, P-GW, SGSN, HSS) of an LTE network run on a single Intel® architecture processor platform.


    Learn about the implementation and capabilities of the EPC communications cloud proof-of-concept, including benchmark data for packet throughput, in the complete white paper here:






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