Flexible Workload Acceleration on Intel® Architecture Lowers Equipment Cost

Version 3
    Intel® QuickAssist Technology eliminates the need for various add-on acceleration modules

    There will always be classes of workloads and algorithms that push the capabilities of traditional compute platforms.  A prime example is computationally-expensive public key encryption supporting SSL.  Consequently, equipment developers have traditionally deployed specialized hardware components  to accelerate such functions. 

    Today there's an alternative to using specialized ASICs for compute-intensive workloads.  The new Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure (formerly codenamed Crystal Forest) incorporates the Intel® QuickAssist Technology for accelerating asymmetric and symmetric cryptography, data compression and other workloads.  Equipment using this technology can significantly lower costs and deliver other benefits. 

    For an overview of Intel® QuickAssist Technology, including usage scenarios, read the complete white paper here: 






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