Article: Tech Review: Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure

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    Today’s telecom equipment depends on ASICs and network processors (NPUs) for packet and security processing. These specialized architectures present many challenges, including difficult programming models, limited flexibility and scalability, and long gaps between processor upgrades.


    The new Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure these challenges with a common architecture that handles applications, control plane, and data plane concurrently.  This platform combines multi-core processors with packet accelerators for throughputs up to 120 Mpps and 80 Gbps.


    To learn more, check out my article in the latest Embedded Innovator newsletter. I examine the architecture and its programming model, reveal performance benchmarks, and show how you can build systems using off-the-shelf hardware and software.



    The Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series incorporate communications accelerators, communications I/O, and compute I/O.


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