Feature-rich ADLINK FlexATX Motherboard Enables Leading T&M Instrument Provider to Keep Costs Low and Portability High

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    A leading test and measurement (T&M) instrument provider was developing a cutting edge oscilloscope for use in logic and spectrum analysis of electronic equipment. Targeted at mid-range to high-end electronics manufacturers, the customer was faced with the challenge of providing next generation capabilities at an affordable price. To do so, the company selected a high quality, feature-rich, off-the-shelf motherboard from a provider who also had the in-house design and manufacturing skills to make small changes for a semi-custom product.


    ADLINK Solution

    The T&M instrument provider turned to ADLINK, one of its preferred motherboard suppliers for assistance. ADLINK was able to accommodate the customer’s latest development requests at an affordable price point with a customized FlexATX motherboard capable of powering several different models of mid-to-high performance oscilloscopes.


    ADLINK initially supplied a customized MicroATX board for the T&M instrument provider's first generation products. For the customer's latest generation products, ADLINK was able to shift to the smaller FlexATX form factor to better meet the compact size and portability demands of the T&M market. Using the ATX-based form factor provided flexibility through standardization and interchangeability of components, which helped to decrease overall development costs of the motherboard customization.


    The T&M instrument supplier is currently on target for 4000 customized FlexATX motherboards each year to keep pace with the popularity of their oscilloscopes.



    • FlexATX Motherboard
    • Intel® Core™2 Quad/Duo processor at up to 1333 MHz FSB
    • Intel® Q45 Express Chipset
    • Dual-Channel DDR3 800/1066 MHz, up to 4 GB
    • Integrated graphic supports VGA, DVI, LVDS
    • One PCI Express x4 , one PCI Express x1, and one PCI slot


    Customer Benefits

    • Lower costs by starting with standard product
    • Flexibility and portability with feature-rich motherboard in compact form factor
    • Customized features through joint design
    • Project success through effective technical and pricing support
    • Long life support and revision control