Leading Optics Solution Provider Switches to Highly Supported ADLINK SBC to Retain Customization and Technology Investment

Version 1


    An international leader in the fields of optics and opto-electronics was faced with impending migration issues. The German company had invested a great deal of time and money developing its existing eye inspection solution for its many worldwide customers. The solution was based on the PICMG 1.0 industry standard; however, the company’s supplier was discontinuing its PICMG 1.0 product lines and forcing existing customers to migrate to PICMG 1.3 without providing the necessary support or product lifecycle planning to sustain PICMG 1.0 solutions.


    With both the optics company and its customers wanting to stay with the original design technology for the foreseeable future, a new supplier who would work with them was required to sustain their technology investment and support the customization needs of their popular eye inspection machines.


    ADLINK Solution

    ADLINK Technology was able to provide the optics leader a winning alternative with the NuPRO-935A PICMG 1.0 single board computer (SBC). ADLINK’s regard for customer lifecycle requirements allows them to offer continued support for products based on PICMG 1.0, while also offering a reasonable upgrade path to PICMG 1.3 products based on the optics company's own market requirements and business goals.


    In addition to PICMG 1.0, the eye inspection machines use an older version of Wind River’s VxWorks, a proprietary real-time operating system for embedded solutions, which required unique customization and board support package (BSP) knowledge provided by ADLINK's engineering staff. The eye inspection machines also continue to use a cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor, which requires additional customization to meet graphics resolution requirements. ADLINK was able to meet the optics company’s extensive qualification process and meet the customer's stringent standards to finalize the project win.



    • PICMG® 1.0 SBC with Intel® Q35 Express Chipset
    • Intel® Core™2 Duo/Quad processor at up to 1333 MHz FSB
    • VGA, SATA, Dual GbE, USB, IDE, Floppy support
    • Trusted Platform Module
    • Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet controllers
    • Optional High Definition Audio kit


    Customer Benefits

    • Minimal migration costs with continued PICMG 1.0 support
    • High customer retention by continuing to offer popular eye inspection machine solution
    • Specialized support offered for older standards
    • Extended product lifecycle support