Avalue - Get in Digital Signage Market with OPS Solution (PDF)

Version 1

    OPS (open pluggable specification): Answer for Digital signage development challenge


    A Rising Market


    Avalue’s Expertise



    New standard : Mechanical Things

    1. Physical Dimension of the Pluggable Module

    2. Location of JAE Connector

    3. Fixed Luck holes

    4. Locations of Rating Labels

    5. Thermal Design


    How OPS Benefits?

    deSimple Hardware Design

    Standardized mechanical interface between screen and player simplifying digital signage hardware design

    Better Multimedia Performance

    Digital audio/video signal via HDMI and DisplayPort, allowing picture-perfect content reproduction

    Lower Maintence

    Slot-in module design effectively lowering deployment and field maintenance costs   Thermal Integrated cooling control enabling the player module to turn on the fans in the screen when cooling is needed


    Player-screen communication interface via UART and HDMI CEC for status reporting and control