Case Study: NORCO Compact Rugged Embedded IPC for Public Bicycle Rental System

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    Project Background:

    In today 's environmentally conscious world, power conservation and carbon reduction issues are ever increasing. Nations across the global put forward many greenecological initiatives to advocate people to live a sustainable health lifestyle. Therefore, Green Travel and Lohas has come out as two of the hot words of this age. In terms of public transportation, people are encourage to take bus or electric bus and bicycles, rather than driving cars. The increasing serious traffic congestion, people becoming more willing to travel by bicycle. With this new trend and the serious traffic situation, China government has put forward the bicycle rental service in some main cities, which will definitely reduce pollution and improve the efficiency of public transportation. However, The main issue facing such promotions is the inconvenience of bicycle rentals in general; people usually have to return them where they rented them, there aren't attendees available 24/7 and the locations aren't always located near commuter hotspots. This problem is sovled by NORCO with its rugged embedded IPC to build an automatic rental solution. This solution has been applied to the public bicycle rental systems in such main cities as Beijing, Tianjing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, etc.


    System Requirements:

    Slim and compact, easy to be housed in systems or devices with a samll footprint.

    Wide working temperature to withstand harsh outdoor environments

    Robust enough to operate 24/7 without constant maintenance

    Better compatibility and Rich I/Os to connect different peripheral devices

    Low power, cost-effective solution, reducing development cost and the system TCO


    System Solution:

    The final system provided users with several ways to pay and register, allowing the release of a bicycle. Once customers arrive at their destination, they can return the bike to any of multiple stations located in the area, and the bike will lock automatically in place, ready for next user. As the brain of the rental system, the BIS-6650B manages a user interface with video and audio, Card reader, Internet transmission, and bicycle release mechanism.BIS-6650B is used to control the locking mechanism when customers return the bike. There are dozens of bikes in each station, but only one rental system is needed as there is no complicated wiring and the system works well with low power consumption.


    System Diagram:


    System Implementation:

    BIS-6650B Intel Atom Cedartrail Powered Compact Fanless IPC w/ 3G Option

    BIS-6650B is developed around the next generation Intel Atom Cedarview N2800/D2500/D2550 embedded CPUs w/ VGA/DVI-D dual video out (dual independent display) and 3G Option. 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x USB2.0 and 2~6 serial ports; 2.5 drive compartment for easy access to SSD/ HDD.

    Another unique feature is the specially designed ICEFIN fanless thermal design, which allows wide temperature operation between 0~60 degree celsius.


    The BIS-6650B

    Low power Intel Atom N2800/D2500/D2550 processors

    Compact slim ICEFIN enclosure, desk-top or wall mount

    1x DDR3 800/1066MHz SO-DIMM up to 4GB

    VGA/DVI-D video out, dual independent display supported

    2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x 1x Mini PCIe SSD (3G optional), 4x USB2.0 /6x COM


    System Evaluation:

    The robust BIS-6650B allows this automated bicycle rental system to operate 24/7 under adverse weather conditions and constant use. Moreover, due to the  rich I/O design, it also supports a variety of peripherals, low power consumption and is easy to upgrade and maintain. Up to now, BIS-6650B has been deployed in more than 3000 bicycle stations.  


    The versatile embedded system BIS-6650B is not only the ideal solution to build automatic bicycle rental system, but also a perfect hardware platform to be widely applied to point of sale, video surveillance, digital signage, medical equipments and other industrial fields.


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