Case Study: NORCO Partners with Intel to Offer Videoconferencing Solution

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    vProject Background:

    Face the facts, videoconferencing is a powerful multimedia tool that improves communication and

    increases your organizations productivity. It has become a necessity to do the business today. However, it has traditionally only been accessible to big companies with big budgets. The only video technology affordable enough for small or medium-sized businesses has been comsumer-grade point- to-point solutions. Until now, NORCO, a global leading supplier of industrial-grade embedded and clouded based solutions, co-working with Intel to offer the video conferencing solution that small and medium-sized businesses can afford. This video conferencing solution also can be customized as per customersspecific requirements. The components within a conferencing system can be divided up into several different layers, including User Interface, conference control, control or signal plane and media plane. The conferencing system makes the traditional CCTV image and voice into shared resources on computer Internet, for remote resources sharing and monitoring. This solution incorporates enterprise system, desktop system, portable system, multipoint control system and video endpoints. This solution can be widely used for conferences, remote educations, Tele-medicine and other applications in fields such as government, telecommunication, military, education, medical, banks and enterprises.


    The Benefits Video Conferencing Brings to Enterprise:

    The main benefits of this type of communication that immediately come to mind include:

    ·Cost-effective & Efficient meetings — cut down travel expenses; video is engaging, increasing

    participants’ attention span

    ·Improved communication — visual aspects, such as body language and object displays, promote better understanding of concepts

    ·Keeping remote workers involved — stay in better touch with tele-workers and road warriors

    ·Remote training — update staff on the fly

    ·Timely customer support — troubleshoot issues without onsite visits

    For those smaller organizations, some of them have had to forego the benefits listed above, since they are hard-pressed to make the large investment required for dedicated video conferencing solutions. Those days are now over.


    Video Conferencing That Small and Medium-sized Businesses Can Afford

    It is an integrated, multipoint video and voice conferencing solution. The conferenncing system utilizes the

    rugged rackmount PC-610 and rugged compact industrial computer RICH-300AB as its control system.

    In contrast to other video conferencing solutions currently in the market, the NORCO solution

    enables organizations to conduct high quality multi-point video conferencing at an affordable price. This

    solution ensures compatibility with a wide variety of endpoints peripherals , including video phones,

    conference TV terminals, projector, dot matrix display, PC, stereo, printer, significantly reducing the

    total cost of the solution.


    Key Features of the video conferencing control system



    Rackmount PC-610 is powered by the latest LGA1155 Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge processors with Intel

    Q67/Q77 chipsets. The most important components of this PC is the PICMG 1.3 CPU card SHB-960  and a 4Uindustrial chassis. Total system supports two DDR3 RAM upto 8GB. With higher processing capabilityand compatibility, the heat-dust proof of this PC enables it to work under high-temperature and dustenvironments for long time.




    4U, 19 rackmount chassis

    Intel processor, 2GB memory, 500GB SATA, Norco DVD ROM, Norco keyboard and mouse kit

    Front panel with special single door lock design to prevent incorrect operation

    Special adjustable arc hold-down clamp design

    Unique HDD anti-vibration design, offering double protection, to prolong the life span

    China 3C certified, offering reliable quality assurance



    RPC-610 and RICH-300A/B are commercially available. For more information, please visit