Axiomtek CEM860 Technical Announcement (type-6 Comupter-On-Module)

Version 2

    Axiomtek's CEM860 is a Computer-On-Module is a module with all components necessary for a bootable host computer, packaged as a super component. A COM requires a Carrier Board to bring out I/O and to power up. COMs are used to build single board computer solutions and offer OEMs fast time-to-market with reduced development cost. Like integrated circuits, they provide OEMs with significant freedom in meeting form-fit-function requirements. For all these reasons the COM methodology has gained much popularity with OEMs in the embedded industry.

    COM Express™ is an open industry standard for Computer-On-Modules. CEM860 is designed with type-6 definition to be future proof and to provide an advanced bus and signals interfaces with LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) interfaces as well as PCI Express and Serial ATA on the other hand.

    Key features of CEM860 include:


    · Rich complement of contemporary high bandwidth serial interfaces, including PCI Express, Serial ATA, USB, and Gigabit Ethernet

    · Extended power-management capabilities

    · Robust thermal and mechanical concept

    · Cost-effective design

    · Legacy-free design (no Super I/O, PS2 keyboard or mouse)

    · Small Module size with multiple footprint options to satisfy a range of performance requirements

    · High-performance mezzanine connector with several pin-out types to satisfy a range of applications

    · Extensive video port support, including VGA, LVDS, DP, DVI and HDMI terminal drivers plus x16 PEG port to Carrier Board graphics controller


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