Webinar: Flexible, Scalable Networking with Intel’s Next-Gen Communications Platform

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    Today’s telecom equipment depends on a complex mix of CPUs and NPUs. These heterogeneous architectures are difficult to program, inflexible, and scale poorly. The Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure tackles these challenges with a unified architecture that handles applications, control plane, and data plane concurrently—all with high throughput. This new architecture significantly simplifies programming, and enables a high degree of flexibility and scalability to meet changing market demands.


    In this webinar we will reveal the details of Intel’s next-generation communications platform and show how you can deploy this platform in applications such as wireless infrastructure, edge routers, and security appliances.


    Attendees will learn:

    • How the platform combines multi-core Intel® architecture with communications accelerators.
    • How Intel® QuickAssist Technology accelerates bulk encryption, data compression, and other workloads with future-proof application programming interfaces (APIs).
    • How off-the shelf servers, blades, and telecom software enable rapid deployment.



    • Frank Schapfel, Intel
    • Brian Carr, Emerson Network Power
    • Steve Konish, Wind River


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    workload_consolidation.pngFor more on consolidating communications workloads onto a single architecture, see intel.com/go/embedded-consolidation


    comm.pngFor more on flexible, scalable, standards-based communications visit intel.com/go/embedded-communications


    Emerson is a Premier member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance. Wind River is an Associate member of the Alliance.


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