Kontron: High-Performance Graphics Drive Infotainment Design

Version 2

    by Jack London, Kontron

    Connectivity, intelligence and security are key embedded challenges in infotainment applications that range from hospitality and travel to gaming. Small form factor Computer-On-Modules (COMs) have proven to be broadly applicable to the diverse range of digital signage deployments and application needs characterized by the infotainment arena.

    temp.jpgUtilizing the Kontron COMe-bIP6, based on the Intel® 3rd generation Core™ processor architecture, gives OEMs a modular approach that enables optimized and cost-effective scalability of application-specific implementations in terms of graphics and processing performance.


    Read the attached pdf to learn how a COMs-based design approach not only considers the rich experience expected by the graphics-oriented individual of today, but also keeps systems poised for what is next.