Case Study: NORCO PC Solution for Passenger Information System(PIS)

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    Background Introduction:

    The Passenger Information System (PIS) has now been introduced into more and more urban rail constructions as a independent system to improve operation efficiency and service level, along with the development of Urban Rail Transit. For all mass transportation systems, efficiently communicating important information to all passengers is very important. The passenger Information System(PIS) provides passengers with all kinds of service information via display terminals in stations or trains. The information ranges from notices for passengers, time of departure and arrival, automatic station name announcement, weather forecast, real-time news, live matches, advertisements to many other real-time multi-media information. When fire,earthquake or terrorist attack occurs, the PIS can broadcast various kinds of dynamical emergency evacuation indications.


    To efficiently transmit such real-time data to passengers, the system must have a reliable backbone. By adopting NORCO’s rugged fanless embedded PC BIS-6660 with Wifi/3G support and NORCO Vehicle –mounted Controller PC as the core of its central control unit as well as for their display solution. With NORCO’s hardware platform, the Passenger Information System can now control and transmit real-time information from its control center to all local stations, providing accurate, valuable data to all passengers.


    System Requirements:

    A powerful and efficient PIS system should includes following requirements:

    ·Integrates a control center, factory and multiple stations together with one reliable computing system

    ·Reduces data loss to the smallest amount possible, while increasing both speed and reliability

    ·Real-time data transmission capabilities

    ·Keeps the solution as cost-effective as possible


    System Structure:

    The Passenger Information System is set up in the control center to monitor and control all of the devices in stations or trains.The PIS consists of three communication modules: The Central Control Unit, The Sub-station Control Unit and The Vehicle Display Terminals.

    BIS-6660 Application Diagram.jpg

    System Description:

    The central control unit manages and regulates the whole system. When fire, earthquake or terrorist attack occurs, central control unit issues government notices, evacuation commands and other instructions to sub-station control centers.

    The Sub-station Control Unit can communicate with vehicle-mounted control unit on a wireless basis, passing the commands and other information such as notices for passengers, weather forecast, time of departure and arrival, live news and advertisements.

    The Vehicle Display Terminals are installed in each compartment of the stations or trains. With the wireless data communication modules installed in the vehicle-mounted control unit, the display terminals can receive and display various kinds of information, including voice, digital data, signals, and warningmassages, etc.


    System Configuration:

    NORCO BIS-6660 PC and the Vehicle Mounted Control PC serve as the core of the center control unit and the communication control unit of the Passenger Information Systems (PIS), which allows the PIS system to control and transmit real-time information from its control center to all local stations with accurate, travel information, (including train status, news, advertisement, and emergency information) to improve travel efficiency, safety and ease.


    BIS-6660 Key Features:

    Intel NM10 chipset, onboard Intel Atom N2800/D2550 processors

    The next generation ICEFIN fanless architecture, easy to install and maintain

    1x SO-DIMM supports DDR3 1066MHz RAM upto 4GB

    Support WiFi & 3G redundant connectivity, one internal SIM card slot (optional)

    Support DVI/VGA dual independent display

    Rich I/O: 6x USB2.0/1x VGA /1x DVI /2x COM /1x LAN/1x Audio


    Vehicle mounted Control System:

    Intelligent In-vehicle Control System

    Intel NM10 based, Intel Atom N2800/D2550

    Modular Design, including, amplifier, server, player, switch module and the backplane

    Support WiFi and 3G Connectivity

    Vehicle-friendly Power Design and anti-vibration design

    Industrial CF card, harsh environments survival

    Build an intelligent overall control system for vehicles, including vehicle surveillance, vehicle status monitoring, in-vehicle display system, GPS, etc.


    System Evaluation:

    This solution allows urban MASS TRANSIT systems to control and transmit real-time information from its control center to all local stations, providing the passengers with accurate, travel information,(including regular train status, banner propagation, and emergencyinformation) to improve travel efficiency, safety and ease. NORCO’s hardware paltforms prove this solution as the most competive and cost-effective one for urban mass transit systems.


    About NORCO

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