IBASE Modular 12-inch Panel PC with Intel Atom Processor D2550

Version 1

    The IPPC12A7-RE 12-inch panel PC is based on the Dual-Core Intel® Atom Processor D2550 with 1.86GHz speed. It features a modular design concept that divides the processor, LCD and I/O units to enhance customization flexibility and helps shorten time to market as well as reduce development cost. The panel PC is aimed at industrial PC customers sensitive to inventory and cost saving issues. The box module of IPPC12A7-RE can be divided as a sample PC to operate without providing the display panel. Customers can freely use the LCD modules of different sizes developed by IBASE in order to shorten development time and save cost. Inventory can be easily maintained by using the same box module with different panel sizes.


    Fitted with the IB806 motherboard, the IPPC12A7-RE’s slim aluminum chassis gives it a totally professional feel that is quite different from the conventional heavy industrial PCs. The system heavily retains the image of an industry-grade product, yet integrates a slim construction. It comes built-in with low power CPU to minimize overall system power consumption. An automatic light control system smartly detects any changes in the lighting environment. LCD power consumption is automatically adjusted according to changes in the external environment.


    The IPPC12A7-RE provides a lot of convenient expansion slots and interfaces for users to have a wider choice of devices to use. It supports a digital I/O interface, four USB, audio, two LAN port, CRT and RS-232/422/485 serial ports and a DC-in jack for 12V and optional 9V~36V wide range voltage input. Users can expand the RAM modules and storage hardware without the need to disassemble the whole system. Front panel buttons allow adjustment of brightness and sound. Six hot keys are reserved for user definition. It also has a PCI expansion slot and a 2.5 HDD drive bay.


    With a resistive touch panel and meeting IP65 standards, the IPPC12A7-RE can be deployed into various work environments and interactive applications including POS, public advertising, kiosk and factory automation. Flexible VESA mount support supports wall-mount, desktop or rackmount installations.




    • Dual-Core Intel® Atom Processor D2550
    • Supports up to 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM memory
    • 2M battery backup SRAM (for instant system restore or security code storage)
    • Auto Brightness Adjustment w/ Front Dimming Sensor Front Keypads for OSD Adjustment and Function Keys
    • IP65 Front Panel Protection
    • Resistive Touch Panel
    • PCI Expansion Slot
    • Slim and Compact Design


    About IBASE Technology
    Founded in 2000, IBASE Technology (TASDAQ: 8050) is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PC products. IBASE's R&D team is composed of talented hardware and software engineers - 50% with over 10 years and 45% with 5 to 10 years of experience in their respective fields. Current product offerings from IBASE include various single board computers, Mini-ITX boards, industrial motherboards, Disk-Size SBC, ETX CPU modules, embedded systems, network appliance and digital surveillance systems for different applications in the gaming, entertainment, automation, medical, military, network and security markets. IBASE also provides OEM/ODM services tailoring products to customers' requirements. For more information, please visit www.ibase.com.tw.



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