Kontron: Streamlining Design to Implementation of M2M Smart Services

Version 3

    A Solution for Real World Power Down Scenarios

    Kevin Rhoads, Vice President, Embedded Products Business Unit, Kontron


    As connected devices proliferate at an astounding rate, the benefits derived from shared information give rise to new revenue opportunities for many types of businesses and services companies. Machine-to-machine (M2M) or the concept of exchanging information without human intervention is gaining strength and acceptance. Examples of areas where M2M holds the largest initial promise include security/surveillance, medical e-health, building automation, telematics and smart grid applications. This diverse list demonstrates the broad range of new business possibilities for services, delivery of content and system optimization that can be achieved based on increasing connectivity and data sharing that provides the benefit of making real-time, proactive business decisions. The common thread with all these applications is the need for broad connectivity with the ability to efficiently gather, share and analyze data that can be used remotely. It has been shown that success in delivering viable M2M solutions stems from the ability for OEMs to quickly develop and implement technologies, standards and platforms in sophisticated systems. However, OEMs are finding that this is not easily accomplished because of the diversity of devices, applications and various connectivity protocols. What is needed to solve this challenge are application-ready development and deployment systems as well as a strong ecosystem of providers that can provide standardized and off-the-shelf tools, prevalidated technologies and other design resources that enable the smooth and fast development of revenue-building M2M smart services. Welcome news for M2M smart services developers is that all these requirements can be met with existing solutions from a broad range of suppliers  ... more