The Evolving Role of M2M in Transportation: Past, Present and Future

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    If you weren't able to make it to the RTECC event in Dallas, TX on March 19, 2013, here's your chance to see the presentation that accompanied the luncheon keynote.


    "The Impact of the Evolving Role of M2M in Intelligent Systems and IoE on the Future-focused Transportation Market"

    presented by Christine Van De Graaf, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Lilee Systems

    When the topic of machine-to-machine (M2M) first began, it was narrower than it is today and spanned just a few markets.  We're no longer talking about connecting only a few systems for work-flow optimization or safety.  Rather, today it is a matter of connecting devices and people across the globe and across many functions and even the consumers.  This means that how M2M is implemented has had to evolve and has to have built in flexibility to enable the yet-to-come connectivity demands.  The impact that M2M has had on Transportation is significant and shows no signs of slowing.  Learn how M2M communications requirements are being addressed within Transportation, where M2M has been ...and where it has yet to go to keep pace with the growing scope of the Internet of Everything (IoE).