Webinar: Securing Intelligent Systems

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    Event: Securing Intelligent Systems

    Time: 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET

    Date: February 14th

    Estimated  Duration: 60 minutes


    Archive: http://webinars.eetimes.com/portal/wts/cemciv2d7vDLuDfdbe6vmk2ui9aU2Pna



    From cars to smartphones to the factory floor, security threats are an unavoidable side effect of the connectivity powering the Internet of Things. With pervasiveness comes multiple points of network entry, so OEMs and the enterprise can no longer afford to have security be a post deployment afterthought. Careful design planning and judicious solution selection are becoming increasingly critical at all stages of the device lifecycle.


    Please join us for this panel discussion as we explore best practices for secure device development and deployment, as well as the steps you and your organization can take to transform security risk mitigation into a new channel for differentiation and customer value add.


    What Attendees will Learn:

    - The key security challenges presented by the evolving "Internet of Things" and how Intel, McAfee and Wind River are working together to help you achieve the system and network security you and your customers need.

    - Steps companies can be taking to limit security risks for end devices and systems being developed

    - New market opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things and a vision for the Intelligent Systems marketplace



    Stephen Evanczuk,

    Contributing Editor, EDN Systems Design Center


    Stephen Evanczuk is a contributing editor for EDN, covering systems design as editor of the EDN Systems Design Center. He has over 20 years experience covering the electronics industry as an editor and freelance writer in both print and online media, while continuing to work in software development. Prior to that, he worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer and project manager in firmware development and performance analysis. Evanczuk has an MS from Indiana University and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania where he worked on real-time distributed processing data acquisition systems. Along with his work as EDN contributing editor, he is currently working in cloud-based distributed system backends and front end app development.



    Ryan Brown, Marketing Director, Intelligent Systems Group, Intel Ryan Brown drives Intelligent Systems Framework (ISF) marketing and security strategy for the Intel® Intelligent Systems group, with a focus on solving customer problems through combinations of Intel, McAfee and Wind River solutions. In his previous 13 years at Intel, Ryan has held multiple leadership and management roles in a broad range of business groups from manufacturing to product management and marketing. Ryan received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington and his Master's in Business Administration from Arizona State University.


    Rishi Bhargava, VP, Product Management, Datacenter & Server Security, Embedded Security, McAfee, Inc.

    A visionary and technology enthusiast, Rishi drives all Embedded Security Products initiatives at McAfee. With over 12 years of diverse experience in product development and product management, he has a reputation of turning small ideas into successful market-leading products.

    Prior to McAfee, Rishi was responsible for product management and strategy at Solidcore Systems, an enterprise security startup later acquired by McAfee whose technology is now the leading Application Whitelisting product in the industry. Rishi holds a B. S. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and a Masters from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


    A.J. Shipley, Chief Security Architect, Wind River A.J. Shipley is the Chief Security Architect at Wind River. Previously, he spent more than 11 years at Cisco Systems in several technical and product management roles. He is a security specialist with broad expertise in Wind River's security portfolio, market requirements for securing devices and technical subject matter around security. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Computer and Engineering Science and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina.