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    Radisys Integrated Conferencing Solution Improves Economics and Flexibility in Next-gen Architecture


    Asia Pacific is the fastest growing geography for conferencing services, according to Wainhouse

    Research. Minutes of use in the region are forecasted to increase at a 19 percent compound annual growth

    rate (CAGR) from 2011 to 2016. This trend is due, in large part, to an upsurge in Chinese conferencing business,

    particularly between Chinese-based businesses conducting international conference calls.


    An emerging conferencing service provider (CSP) based in China was an early innovator in supplying conferencing

    services to the growing Asia Pacific opportunity. They initially launched their business using legacy time-division

    multiplexing (TDM) audio bridge infrastructure. But as the CSP’s business grew, the capital and ongoing

    operational costs of the TDM equipment limited their ability to compete with new entrants and competitors

    in the Asia-Pacific conferencing market. In addition, the solution lacked the ability to leverage economical

    VoIP technologies and network interconnection, while limiting the flexibility to integrate with other IP-based

    communication and back office systems. Clearly, a more cost-effective solution was needed to sustain rapid

    business growth in the face of the inevitable downward price pressures stemming from increased competition.


    Case Study: Radisys Integrated Conferencing Solution Improves Economics and Flexibility in Next Generation Architecture